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Maximizing Solar Production by Optimizing Panel Angles During Winter

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The greater Phoenix area boasts sunnier skies than most places in the United States, even earning the nickname “Valley of the Sun.” But our solar potential drops during winter as the sun moves lower across the sky during these shorter days. Fortunately, with some seasonal adjustment, you can keep your home’s solar panels working at maximum efficiency.

Understanding Angle Optimization

Photovoltaic solar panels work by directly converting sunlight photons into usable electricity to power your house. Your solar system’s productivity depends on catching as many of the sun’s rays as possible. Like a well-placed window, optimum solar panel tilt plays a key role in solar energy collection.

During the summer, the sun’s rays shine almost straight down over the Valley of the Sun at a high angle. During winter, the sun’s rays remain lower on the horizon. As seasons change, adjusting your home’s solar panel array angles to stay perpendicular to incoming sunlight is vitally important.

Why Angles Matter

Matching solar panel tilt to current sun position works much like how you shift your poolside chair to continually face the sun. During winter, as the sunlight moves lower across the horizon, a solar array’s angle should progressively flatten too.

Fortunately, most systems come equipped to easily adjust pitch by seasons. Mechanized racking takes the guesswork out by indicating ideal tilt settings. Generally, around 36° in peak summer and 18° during winter.

For maximum energy capture, your panels work best when radiation hits perpendicular to the array face. Like focusing a magnifying glass, optimal angles concentrate wintertime sun rather than letting the rays bounce off at sharp angles.

Automated All Year Productivity

For optimal convenience, you may want to consider investing in smart solar panels with automated seasonal tilt adjustment. These panels combine built-in motors and integrated sensors along with state-of-the-art tracking systems continually modifying angles to capture the most sunlight.

After initial installation, advanced panels do the repositioning work for you, maintaining angles that extract maximum wattage during our brief winters and scorching summers.

Stay Solar Powered Up this Winter

Don’t leave your home’s renewable energy production up to chance. Cool Blew Solar installation experts can help you determine the best solar panel angle to maximize solar output. Whether you’re looking to install solar panels, or you have specific solar system questions, we’re here to help. Call Cool Blew Solar today at 623-234-2836.