Memorial Day and Your Home’s Solar System

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Memorial Day honors military personnel who died in service to our country. Memorial Day ceremonies, family gatherings, and parades are some of the events observed on this day in the Valley of the Sun. Others will be enjoying time at backyard barbecues, swimming pools, and spending time indoors with family and friends with outdoor temperatures expected to be over 100 degrees.

Homeowners who’ve installed green energy technologies, such as rooftop solar panels, backup batteries, and solar outdoor lights understand that the sun’s energy is the best clean power source to power homes. A solar system is not only affordable but also extremely reliable, and easy to maintain. Homeowners who’ve installed solar systems also know that the 30% federal tax helps the U.S. to become energy independent, preserve the environment, and create jobs.

Time to Install Solar Energy

If you’re looking to install solar panels to power your home, Arizona is known as the sunniest state in America. According to recent research, Phoenix is the sunniest city with the sun shining on average over 85% of the time. So as a homeowner in the sun-drenched state of Arizona, it’s extremely likely that installing solar panels will benefit you and your house in the long run.
There are some important factors to take into consideration when you’re looking to install solar energy:

  • Energy usage for you home
  • Cost per kWh of going solar
  • Average solar payback period
  • Average solar buy back rates
  • Roof exposure to the sun
  • Federal, state, and local power company solar support programs

Amount of Energy Your Home Uses

The number of solar panels your home will require is based on your home’s average monthly energy usage costs, the number of occupants, weather, insulation, home construction materials, type of heating and cooling equipment, and square footage. In general, the more power your home uses according to your energy usage habits, the more solar panels you’ll need. The average home in Arizona uses about 1,045 kWh of energy per month. Your experienced local installers at Cool Blew Solar can help you precisely determine the number of solar panels your home will need.

Call Cool Blew Solar

When you’re ready to explore your solar options and you’d like a free estimate from our experienced solar installers, call us today at 623-234-2836. Cool Blew Solar wishes you and your family a safe Memorial Day holiday.