Preparation Tips to Prepare for Power Outages

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During the month of July, your home’s solar power system will be working overtime thanks to triple digit heat combined with monsoon storms. Whether your house has a small or large system of panel arrays, power outages can be disruptive to your family life. How can you get prepared for storm outages, rolling brownouts, or electrical blackouts?

Get a Plan

Since 2000, there has been a dramatic 67% increase in major power outages due to storms and climate events in the United States. Valley of the Sun residents don’t take extreme heat lightly. Have a plan in place, in case there’s an electrical power outage, transformer fire, solar panel energy disruption, brownout, or blackout. You many want to form a social safety net “pod” with nearby family, friends, and neighbors who you can count on if you need to leave your house. Though we rely on cell phones and the internet to get in contact, it’s a good idea to have a paper backup copy of phone numbers on hand in case wi-fi or cellular towers are down. Having a landline phone would be another source of a safety net when cellular circuits are overloaded or not functioning.

Know where your local cooling centers are located if you experience a power outage. Have plenty of water on hand. Have an emergency kit available at home with supplies to last three days. The American Red Cross recommends that your disaster supply kit include up to two weeks of recommended supplies.

Have a Reliable Backup Power System

Home solar battery storage allows you to keep cool even when the power grid is down. Depending on the size of your solar battery storage system, you’ll be able to keep your AC running and charge up essential devices such as cell phones, wearable devices, iPads, and PCs. Perishable food can be saved, medical devices and prescription medications kept at the proper temperature.

When the air conditioning system and solar panels go out, a home solar battery backup system will give you peace of mind and keep your home running when you need energy. Solar batteries store excess solar energy from your solar panels and use it to tap into this renewable energy during a power outage. The battery backup stores any excess clean energy not used by your household.  The battery will start to recharge when sunlight strikes the panels the next morning.

When you need advice on how to prepare for power outages, call your local experts Cool Blew Solar at 1-623-234-2836. They’re here for you when you need them most.