Rain and Your Solar Panels

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In the Valley of the Sun, there certainly is no shortage of rays to power your solar panel system. However, even in one of the sunniest regions of the country, we still get those rainy days – especially during monsoon season. So, the question that many homeowners ask is, “How do I get enough energy when those rainy days happen?”

It’s a good question and one that requires a detailed answer. Here goes…

First, it’s important to highlight that even if the sun isn’t shining directly on solar panels, they still can produce electricity – both from visible light and infrared light. The rain doesn’t black out the sun completely. There is always visible light, even during the heaviest monsoon downpour. Yes, sun rays penetrate through clouds, and even rain. Now, there is a reduction in solar power when it’s cloudy. But there is typically enough light to enable a photovoltaic system to produce electricity. And, if you have a battery system, you’ll have plenty of power even during an extended storm.

Rainy Days Are Good

But, that’s not the whole story. There is an actual advantage to having a few rainy days. Precipitation helps keep the panels clean of dirt and debris, washing away dust, pollen, grime and even bird droppings. Clean panels are functioning panels. So, don’t will away the rain. Welcome it, and you may find that your system is more efficient following a good storm.

Shadows Are Bad

Instead of fretting over a few cloudy or rainy days, the more important matter is shadows – like those that are created from overgrown trees. A professional installer will ensure that your panels are placed on your roof so that they gain the maximum exposure from the sun. However, once they’re installed, it’s up to you to keep them clear from shadows caused by vegetation. That means keeping trees trimmed and asking your neighbors politely to keep their trees trimmed, too. Your goal should always be to ensure that there are no shadows anywhere on your panels.

Look around. You may be surprised to see how many of your neighbors have already decided to choose solar energy for their electrical needs. You can too. Call us today for a free quote and find out just how much you can be saving.