Remember and Honor this Memorial Day

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With Memorial Day heralding the traditional start of summer, it reminds us to honor our fallen armed forces men and women. This national holiday celebrates those brave heroes and the incredible sacrifice they made for our country.

Memorial Day is also the perfect opportunity to prepare for the blazing summer heat in the Valley of the Sun.

Solar Summer

With many families looking for clean energy alternatives, solar has one of the brightest futures. With its low impact on the environment, a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels, and increasing incentives for home solar installations, going solar allows you greater energy independence. Solar panels are a predictable source of energy, and they can be installed on your home’s roof or on the ground.

Electricity generated by your local utility company is produced by using tons of water and the burning of fossil fuels. Using solar energy provides immediate economic savings for your pocketbook and slows climate change. Automatically, your demands for electricity from the power grid dramatically decreases. Plus, you can invest in power-saving solar batteries to save energy for use at night. Going solar is easy to do!

Together we can make a difference this Memorial Day by switching to renewable energy. At Cool Blew Solar, we can help you find out if going solar is the best option for you and your family. If you’re thinking of saving money on your utility bill or maybe even eliminating your monthly energy bill altogether, installing a solar panel system will be a great return on investment.

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