Residential Solar Power Reflections on Labor Day

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While you’re with family and friends celebrating the traditional end of summer with a pool party, watching season opening games of your favorite college football teams, or having a barbecue, it’s also a good time to reflect on our country’s greatest resource—our workers.

When it comes to the solar industry, there are now more than 255,000 workers nationwide according to the national solar jobs 2021 census published by the Interstate Renewable Energy Council. These dedicated solar employees are delivering the incredible value that solar provides, while helping improve the environment and strengthening local communities. The number of solar workers is rising every year as the renewable resources industry continues to grow.

Clean energy jobs are among the fastest growing of any employment sector in America. In fact, the solar industry offers tremendous career opportunities for workers from all backgrounds. These include electricians, mechanical installers, estimators, back-office staff, architects, and more. In our unpredictable global economic times, renewable energy is an industry that is continuing to help our economy grow, as well as protect the environment. The significant impact that solar can have on our daily lives is incredible. And it all starts with workers who are the heart of the solar industry.

September is a Green Energy Month

During Pollution Prevention (P2) Week from September 19 to 25, 2022, the EPA celebrates practices that reduce or prevent pollution from being released in the environment. Energy sustainability by installing solar panels at your home or upgrading your existing solar power system are ways you can save money on monthly utility bills and dramatically reduce your reliance on the national power grid.

Zero Emissions Day 2022 is also September 21. It’s one step to encourage deep emissions reductions and is celebrated globally. In order to achieve the reduction in global greenhouse gas emissions that’s required to ensure a habitable planet for future generations, each person, industry, sector, and country must work together. You can do your part by expanding your existing residential solar array or contacting your local solar installation professionals for expert advice on how best to go solar.

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Happy Labor Day to you and your family from everyone at Cool Blew Solar.