Security and Reliability with a Solar Energy System

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Rising electrical costs combined with climate change is propelling many homeowners to be concerned about their future power consumption and is leading to shifts in the motivation for making the switch to solar. While the primary reason to invest in solar remains the financial benefits, it’s becoming increasingly commonplace for homeowners to state security and reliability as key reasons.

With reduced hardware costs, low interest rates and quicker payoff periods, solar has become more affordable, with a relatively short amount of time to see a positive return on investment. And with energy costs continuing to rise in Arizona, solar simply makes dollars and sense.

Yet, the affordability and sound investment of solar isn’t the whole story. More homeowners are stating that their reason for investing in a solar energy system is wanting to reduce their reliance on their utility company for security reasons. Simply put, they want to ensure a more consistent supply of power in case of a natural or man-made disaster or power grid failure.

With Arizona’s summer temperatures consistently over 100 degrees in the summer, going without power for days because of an extended blackout isn’t an option. While a disaster or problem with the power grid hasn’t happened yet, it’s a growing concern. And it’s one that could impact every homeowner who relies on a utility company for their electricity.

This vulnerability is fueling many to choose solar so that they’re ready in the event of a major power outage. With a solar energy system, there’s savings now and security for the future. This means security for continued power even when the unexpected happens, as well as security against rising utility costs.

So, the decision to move to solar can mean stress reduction and peace of mind. What’s that worth to you and your loved ones? It’s a question worth contemplating. If you are curious about how a solar energy system can help reduce your reliance on your utility company and provide greater security, give Cool Blew Solar a call. We can help you evaluate your specific needs and potential return on investment so that you can make an educated decision that makes sense for you.