Solar Energy Benefits for Our Planet Earth

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Earth Day 2021 is a logical day to celebrate solar energy. Solar power reduces air pollution and contributes to a healthier planet. And, purchasing and installing solar panels is one of the quickest ways to combat climate change locally. So, let’s shine a light on clean green energy benefits as we approach this worldwide holiday that pays homage to Mother Earth.

Did you know?

You’ll need less than three hours of full sun on an average day in the desert southwest in July to light one 100-watt bulb for three nights. Solar panel installation in your Arizona house is a perfect way to begin the environmental mindset of Earth Day with 365 days of benefits.

Solar Power Decreases Water Usage

A 2015 report by the International Renewable Energy Agency concluded that solar power plants use 1/200th the water used by a typical power plant to produce the same amount of electricity. This is immensely helpful in areas where water is scarce due to drought and high temperatures like the desert southwest.

Solar Energy Reduces Air Pollution

Generating solar power creates zero emissions. No carbon, nothing is burned, nor created as a byproduct of your home solar panels, converting sunshine into renewable energy. According to a US Department of Energy report, emission reductions resulting from the implementation of solar power will have a positive impact on a wide range of cardiovascular and respiratory health problems. In other words, lower air pollution means fewer health issues.

Going Solar Cuts Fossil Fuels

Less is better when it relates to using fossil fuels. You’ll be contributing less to global warming and using more of an infinitely renewable energy resource, giving earth a better chance of recovering from the impacts of climate change.

Going Solar Is Financially Sound

Installing solar panels on your roof can increase your home value. Home buyers will often pay a premium for solar homes. Solar panels can save you money on utility bills and through tax credits. By installing solar panels, you’ll help to reduce the effects of climate change, air pollution, and water scarcity while making a wise investment in the future of planet earth.

Leaving our planet a better place to live for future generations by helping to reduce consumption of fossil fuels is a key benefit of clean renewable energy. So now you know the power of solar energy. Want to get started in honor of Earth Day with a home solar power installation? Call Cool Blew Solar today at 1-623-234-2836.