Solar Panel Safety

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Like with any household electrical appliance, there are certain risks when it comes to solar panels. However, these risks are minimal and can be mitigated by ensuring installation is executed by a trained, experienced technician and by practicing some simple safety measures.

First and foremost, solar panels rarely cause any safety concerns for homeowners. While electrical surges for grid-tied homes can happen, most homes have equipment in place to prevent any damage from occurring. In a 2013 study, research showed that only .006% of photovoltaic systems caused a fire, and only one in five of those fires resulted in significant damage. In other words, fire is an extremely rare occurrence. And, in the very unlikely case that your solar panels caused a fire, your solar panel warranty and/or home warranty would cover any damaged incurred.

Safety Equipment

To protect your solar power system from electrical surges, your home’s electrical panel can be updated to include a whole-house surge protector. These devices work by detecting voltage spikes and diverting excess current through a ground path.

All rooftop solar power systems are also equipped with a “rapid shutdown mechanism” which is triggered when AC current is no longer flowing to inverters. This prevents any harm or injury to first responders if there ever is a fire. With the ability to shut down electrical systems which are connected to panels, firefighters can put out a fire and minimize damage to your panels and to your home.

Choose the Right Solar Installer

When it comes to solar power system installers, you have many options in the Phoenix area. However, when you consider the importance of safety, you want to choose an installer who has proven experience and expertise. At Cool Blew Solar, we put safety first. Learn more about safety and solar by calling us at 623-234-2836.