Solar Panels and Climate Change – The Basics

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Regardless of your politics, the fact remains that 97% of scientists believe that the Earth’s climate is changing due to human causes. In fact, this is not a new idea. As far back as at least the 1910s, there was discussion of fossil fuels impacting the climate. Since then, scientific knowledge, computing power and data collection have all further led to the conclusion that carbon dioxide traps heat – causing climate change.

With all that said, it begs the question – What is the impact of electricity generation on our environment? According the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), it accounts for nearly 30% of total greenhouse gas emissions. That’s nearly comparable to the combined output for cars, trucks, buses, planes and all other forms of transportation that we use. In other words, that’s a tremendously large amount of emissions.
While all this may sound completely overwhelming, there’s some good news to think about. We do have the tools to reduce emissions from electricity to zero – with wind, solar and battery storage.

Solar Panels Can Help

Although there are carbon emissions that occur in the manufacturing of solar panels, they still are an environmentally sound innovation. Once they’re produced and installed, they generate pollution-free electricity for 25 to 30 years or more. That’s a lot of positive environmental impact spread out over decades.

Most solar panel experts will tell you that the energy payback time for solar panels ranges from three to four years. This means that the panels actually become carbon negative at this point because they are actually replacing fossil fuel sources from the electrical grid. That means many, many years of doing good for the environment.

So, if you’ve been weighing the possibility of going solar and are drawn to the cost-savings that they can generate, you may also want to consider the positive impact that they have on the environment now and in the future. Learn more about how a home solar system can help you make a positive step toward improving the environment. Call Cool Blew Solar today.