Solar Panels and Home Design

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Let’s face it. Rooftop solar panels are hard to overlook. However, that doesn’t necessarily make them an eyesore. Rather, they are more of a visible sign of the future, and architects and home builders are doing more than ever to incorporate them into new home design.

Thoughtful planning is an important part of any home solar system installation. Panels must be placed in the optimal location to ensure efficiency while also maintaining an aesthetically pleasing look. For new homes, architects have begun using solar panels to create modern designs that convey both style and a commitment to doing something positive for the environment. More and more, new buildings are being designed and constructed with a focus on sustainability so that panels not only function optimally but also are simply part of the overall design.

Looking to the Future of Home Solar Power

The future of home solar systems includes solar roofing with panels that look similar to traditional roof tiles. In fact, solar tiles have been around for more than a decade. While initially they had lower conversion rates, the technology continues to improve – making them more efficient and less costly. The long-term goal is to make them at least as efficient if not more efficient than traditional flat solar panels. And solar windows, walls or sliders may be just around the corner. The possibilities are truly endless as the technology around solar panels continues to improve.

Solar for Your Home

Regardless if you’re in a new or older home, traditional or contemporary, there is a solar solution for you. At Cool Blew Solar, we help homeowners achieve their goals of going solar by providing the best options for both function and design. Call us today for a free in-home evaluation and estimate.