Solar Panels Will Be More Worth It Than Ever in 2023

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Among renewable energy sources, solar energy has surged in popularity for homeowners. From sustainable energy to energy independence, solar power offers many benefits in the Valley of the Sun. The advantages of going solar, as a long-term investment in your home, are truly impressive.

Clean Energy

Think clean, green energy every day of the year. While the impacts of climate change continue to rise, a new home solar system or upgrading your existing solar equipment can enable you to do your part in helping save our planet for future generations. Solar power is clean, easily accessible, and a sustainable alternative to fossil fuel generated electricity.


Installing a solar panel array system on your roof or ground-mounted system on your property can dramatically reduce your energy bills. One big factor in determining your savings from solar energy is the regulated electricity rates in Arizona. These rates average between 12 cents per kWh to almost 14 cents per kWh. By installing a solar power system, you’ll be effectively generating your own energy further reducing your dependence on the national power grid. By installing a backup battery system, you’ll enjoy the benefits of an uninterrupted supply of power even on cloudy days, or when there are power outages due to storms, rolling brownouts, or blackouts.

With energy rates steadily increasing year over year, the costs associated with your home solar system will remain consistent. In other words, no price hikes! And systems generally pay for themselves within seven to eight years because of various solar incentives, rebates, and tax breaks. This means you’ll be enjoying solar energy generation for the remaining lifespan of your solar system for free. Warranties are offered by all solar panel manufacturing companies. When compared with existing higher electricity rates charged by your local utility company combined with the possibilities of an increase in future rates, installing a home solar energy system just makes dollars and sense!

Solar Incentives

The Inflation Reduction Act, signed into law in 2022, expands the Federal Tax Credit for Solar Photovoltaics (PV), also known as the Investment Tax Credit. Those who install a PV system between 2022 and 2032 will receive a 30% tax credit. The tax credit can be adjusted against tax owed. A win-win for everyone.
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