Solar Power Initiatives in Arizona

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Arizona is one of the leading states in the clean energy movement. Expansive, undeveloped land and seemingly unlimited hours of sunshine make this state one of the best locations for renewable energy. Here are four reasons why Arizona is the perfect state for solar energy.

  1. Arizona is nationally recognized for taking immediate steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  2. The State of Arizona has a commitment to renewable energy and carbon neutrality.
  3. APS predicts Arizona will continue its rapid pace of renewable energy development.
  4. From a 2019 study of the average peak sunshine hours by state, Arizona tops the list with seven to eight hours of sunlight.

Notable Solar Initiatives

Arizona State University’s (ASU) solar systems sustainability portfolio is the largest of any university in the United States. Their solar capacity on all four of ASU’s campuses and two off-campus research parks meets almost 50% of ASU’s peak daytime power capacity.

Arizona Public Service (APS), one of Arizona’s two major public utility providers, has a clean energy commitment showcasing three major goals:

  1. By 2050 provide 100% clean, carbon-free electricity.
  2. A commitment to end use of coal-fired power generation by 2031.
  3. A 2030 target of achieving a power mix of 65% clean energy, with 45% of that from renewable energy.

Arizona’s other public utility, Salt River Project (SRP), has announced they are building the company’s largest solar plant northwest of Flagstaff. By 2024, this solar plant, named CO Bar Solar, will deliver 400 megawatts of renewable energy to SRP customers. That means this solar plant will generate enough green energy to power 80,000 homes—offsetting 1 billion pounds of carbon dioxide emissions each year. SRP plans to reduce carbon intensity from 2005 levels by 65% in 2035 and by 90% in 2050. In August, SRP announced plans to build three new solar plants, delivering a total of 500 megawatts of clean energy, with Facebook using most of the energy for its data center being constructed in Mesa.

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