Solar Powered Gifts for the Holidays

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With Thanksgiving behind us, many of us are turning our attention to holiday gift-giving. Here in the Valley of the Sun, it only makes sense to consider solar powered gifts that save both money and reduce your environmental footprint. Here are a few to consider:

Solar Device Chargers

USB solar chargers are a great gift for anyone who enjoys camping or traveling where there is an unreliable power grid. They’re also good for placing in an emergency kit. A solar charger can charge a phone in a few hours of midday sun and work with USB devices. Among the most popular models are those that stick to the inside of a window using suction cups which means they can be used in a car or at home.

Solar Power Generator

For that person in your life who needs greater power generation, consider a solar power generator. While not inexpensive, this source of power is great for camping or can even be used as a source of power during a blackout. While the initial cost of one of these generators is higher than one that runs on fuel, it never needs filling up. So, over time, it’s a very cost-effective item to have.

Used Electric Car

Gently used electric cars can save you substantially when compared to showroom prices. With more models on the market, there are many options to choose from, and they offer the best value for the money of any car on the market.

Solar Panels for the Roof

A home solar system with rooftop panels is among the best present that any homeowner can receive. And, with prices dropping on home solar, it’s more affordable than ever.

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