Solar Technology Trends for 2023

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Arizona currently ranks fifth in total solar power installed in the United States. This is enough power to supply almost a million homes. Solar energy’s popularity is expected to rapidly increase in 2023 due in part to climate change, homeowner renovations, and the signing of the 2022 Inflation Reduction Act which includes solar incentives. The state of Arizona has about 50% more sunshine than the rest of the United States. Installing solar panels here makes investment sense as even a small solar array system can offset a large portion of your electricity bill. Here are some of the trends to look out for in 2023 as you consider taking advantage of the sunny conditions that our state offers.

Solar Storage

Reliable sources of clean energy are more important than ever. Especially considering rapid changes in the number of severe weather events and power grid outages. Solar batteries offer a way to keep the power on at your home when there’s a grid outage. Any time your home’s solar panels produce more energy than your home uses, the additional energy is sent back to the power grid. A solar battery allows you to store this excess energy at your home. Solar storage is the perfect energy source to power your home when the sun goes down to maximize the amount of renewable energy your home uses.

Solar Demand

Solar installations will continue to increase with the extension of the Investment Tax Credit to 30% until 2033. Homeowners that previously couldn’t afford solar are now incentivized to make the switch. There’s a 10% bonus tax credit opportunity for certain solar projects that utilize American manufactured and sourced components. Areas where solar energy will serve low-income districts and neighborhoods will have another 10% bonus tax credit opportunity.

Solar Windows

The push to move to renewable energy sources is driving the demand for manufacturing of other solar powered products like solar windows. Researchers at Michigan State University discovered the technology behind solar windows over eight years ago. Solar windows are manufactured out of a type of solar glass that absorbs ultraviolet and infrared light. The glass can turn these types of light sources into renewable energy. A useful technology for homeowners going solar.

Cool Blew Solar

Solar energy has a bright future which will enable higher savings on electricity bills. The sooner you begin installing solar panels, the sooner you’ll start reducing your reliance on electricity. The installation professionals at Cool Blew Solar are available to answer all your solar questions. Call us today at 623-234-2836 for a no-cost quote.