Tackling Common Concerns about Renewable Energy

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There is no disputing that investing in solar panels is a big step in homeownership. It’s natural to have some concerns that might be weighing on your decision. Renewable energy is still a relatively new idea for many people. But, the reality is that the value of solar is clear when you take a close look at the facts.

Here are some of the most common concerns that we hear from homeowners who are considering going solar.

Solar is too expensive.

The truth of the matter is that solar continues to become more affordable. In fact, the cost of residential solar has dropped up to 70 percent in the last ten years and continues to get more affordable.
The installation process is too extensive.
After meeting with your installer for a site visit and planning, the actual installation of a home solar system is relatively quick. In fact, you can be up and running in a matter of a few days.

The tax credits are too complicated to take advantage of.

Actually, the major tax credit associated with purchasing solar panels for your home is very simple and valuable. Known as the federal investment tax credit (ITC), the credit is equal to 30 percent of the total cost of your system. You may also benefit from additional tax breaks, solar programs and rebates to make going solar even more affordable.

Solar doesn’t make sense if I’m going to move in the next decade.

Many homeowners worry about what happens to their solar panels if and when they move. It’s true that most solar panel systems last for 25 to 30 years. However, even if you don’t plan to stay in your home for that length of time, you can still profit from the panels because they increase the value of your property. Many homebuyers are thrilled to purchase a home with the added benefit of no electricity bills and will pay a premium for it.

What is the real percentage of a home that can be powered by solar?

In many cases, the answer is 100 percent. However, it’s not realistic to always expect that level of production all day, every day. Yet, with the benefits of net metering, even when your solar panels aren’t functioning at full capacity (like during cloudy days), you can benefit from solar.

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