The 1-2-3s of Residential Solar Panel Installation

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Solar panel quote in hand, equipment selection done, payment option determined, and a local solar panel installation company chosen. Now what? The next step is solar panel installation at your home. The typical panel installation process can take a few weeks to several months. Don’t let this timeframe deter you from going with clean green solar energy. Your local solar panel installation professionals will be with you every step of the way to ensure the process is painless and efficient. Let’s list some typical steps your local solar panel installers will do:

  • File local, county, and state permits.
  • Prepare solar energy interconnection agreements for connecting with the power grid.
  • Coordinate with your local HOA, if applicable.
  • Manage engineering for panel installation.
  • Coordinate all solar panel inspections.

The installation process is overseen by your local installation business project manager. When the project is completed, the project manager will provide you with final build drawings, copies of permits, and discuss best ways to service and maintain your solar panel system according to panel warranty and professional installer guidelines.

Let’s look at a few other steps related to your installation. An important consideration when designing a solar system is to size your clean energy solution based on your house’s precise electricity usage profile from data provided by your Arizona utility company, either APS or SRP. This way your expert installers can show you month-by-month savings when the solar panels are roof or ground installed.

Panel installers will provide details on the types of panels and inverters to be installed. The best installation companies list out system components like rail and sub-frame specifications, panel mounting feet, plus grounding and panel bonding details.

Just how many solar panels will your home require is one of the most asked questions besides installation costs in this process. Typically, 10 to 40 panels will be installed. There isn’t an exact blueprint as it’s not a one size fits all solar panel solution. The number of panels is determined by your home’s exact energy requirements, amount of space available for roof or ground installation, amount of daily sunshine in your area, and how much of the sun strikes your roof or property. Remember, you can always add to your solar power system as energy needs evolve and panel technology improves.

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