The Environmental Health Benefits of Going Solar

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While there is plenty to be said about the cost savings that come with installing a home solar system, it’s also important to consider the benefits to human health. With a shift to low-carbon energy sources and reduced dependency on fossil fuel, there is a measurable decrease in harmful greenhouse gases, such as nitrogen oxide, sulfur dioxide and carbon dioxide. This decrease can directly impact human health on a local, as well as global level.

Improved Health at a Local Level

As a homeowner, you can definitely make an impact on your local environment, your health and the health of others by powering your lifestyle with the sun. Simply put, solar energy is clean and releases no harmful chemical compounds into the atmosphere. The sun’s rays hit your home’s solar panels, and the energy is captured to supply electricity to your house – all without emitting any pollutants into the air. By making the shift to cleaner energy, you are helping to reduce the level of these pollutants. This results in lower rates of bronchitis, COPD, asthma and other pulmonary and cardiovascular illnesses. It also helps businesses in your community by helping keep their workers healthier.

Improved Health at a Global Level

On a macro level, solar and other sources of renewable energy help slow down climate change which is already causing serious environmental and public health issues worldwide. By reducing your dependency on fossil fuels, you’re helping to prevent extreme weather events, rising sea levels and ecosystem changes that put individual lives and our food supply at risk. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, an average home with solar panels has the same emissions reduction effect as planting around 150 trees each year. Yes, that is substantial!

So, go ahead and add better health to the list of reasons to go solar. We hope you consider this and give us a call for a free quote. We think you’ll be convinced that solar is the way to go.