Things to Think about Before Installing Solar Panels

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Summertime is a wonderful time of year to consider powering your house with a renewable energy source. Solar energy offers numerous benefits including reducing your carbon footprint, contributing to the betterment of a healthier planet, lowering your electricity bill, and increasing your home’s value. Let’s look at four things to think about before installing solar panels at your home.

Determine Best Location

Most residential solar panels are installed on a roof or ground mounted on your property. In the northern hemisphere, the recommendation for optimal positioning to capture the most direct sunlight is having the solar panels face south. Older homes may need roof repairs, modifications, or even a replacement before a rooftop solar system can be supported. Solar panels are best suited for your yard, if there’s space available, when a roof installation is too costly or not feasible.

Research Types of Solar Panels

You’ll want to evaluate the different types of photovoltaic solar panels (PV) suitable for home installation. There are four types of solar panels with varying degrees of performance capabilities, energy efficiency levels, and overall installation costs. The best panels for your home will depend on your roof or yard space, access to direct sunlight, desired level of energy efficiency, and your budget.

  1. Monocrystalline solar panels achieve higher levels of efficiency, are uniform in color, but they are more expensive to buy.
  2. Polycrystalline solar panels are cost effective and bluish in color, but they require more roof space to produce the same output as mono panels.
  3. Thin film solar panels are inexpensive, more flexible than crystalline solar cells, but they tend to be less efficient.
  4. Solar shingles can complement any architectural décor and they can withstand weather conditions just like asphalt shingles can, but they can be more costly to install.

Check for Permits and Incentives

There are different rules for installing solar panels for every city, county, and state. Your trusted local solar panel installer can apply for all necessary permits and approvals. Installers will look into city codes, and they will make certain your solar panel installation complies with all local zoning laws and ordinances.

Review Costs

Your solar experts at Cool Blew Solar can provide you with accurate information on your home’s solar potential, thorough recommendations, installation cost estimates, and local installation expertise. For all of your solar needs in the Valley of the Sun, call Cool Blew Solar today at 623-234-2836 to schedule your appointment. Whatever it takes, we’ll get it done for you.