Three Benefits of a Solar Battery Storage System

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Thanks to ongoing advancements in technology, energy storage has become a key factor in the adoption of home solar energy systems. Energy storage batteries enable homeowners to maximize their ability to collect and use energy generated by solar panels on an ongoing basis. Many homeowners are surprised to learn that when a solar battery is installed as part of a home solar energy system, energy can be stored, instead of just fed back into the electricity grid. So, what benefits can be gained? Keep reading.

Lower Electricity Bills

As Arizonans, we know just how expensive it is to cool a home in triple digit heat. In fact, saving money on monthly utility bills is one of the main reasons homeowners install home solar energy systems. With an energy storage system, you gain the ability to shift your consumption of electricity from peak periods of high demand when the sun isn’t shining to periods of lower cost electricity during low demand times. And with the batteries’ smart technology, they can dictate when energy prices are lower – charging during the low-price periods and releasing energy when rates are higher, providing true savings.

Reduce Vulnerability to Blackouts

Every year, blackouts impact homeowners across the country. In some cases, they are caused by weather events. However, human-related factors can also play a part in localized and widespread blackouts. With an energy storage system, you have an efficient energy source that is resistant to disruptions. This means that you have a usable emergency source of backup power.

Decrease Your Environmental Footprint

A home solar battery storage system also offers measurable environmental benefits who are committed to achieving sustainability goals. Not only does a system reduce demand on the electricity grid, it also decreases carbon dioxide emissions, helping to improve air quality.

Learn more about solar battery storage systems and home solar power generation by calling the experts at Cool Blew Solar. We’re here to answer your questions and guide you on your journey to leveraging the true value of the sun.