Three Reasons to Go Solar in the Spring

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As with many investments, timing is important. Here in Arizona, there is a variety of reasons why spring is an ideal time to consider a solar installation. And the following three reasons are well worth considering if you’ve been contemplating going solar.

Summer Energy Costs

Let’s face it. Arizona summers are hot, making it prime time for air conditioning usage. This means higher utility bills. So, it just makes economic sense to consider going solar before the first of the summer bills arrive.

Keep in mind that a solar installation takes time and planning. From permits to required inspections, the timeline can span weeks. Having a system installed in the spring ensures that you’ll be up and running in time for the triple digit temperatures ahead.

Excess Energy Credits

One of the many perks of going solar is having the ability to earn energy credits from your local utility provider. During the cooler months, most Arizona homeowners with solar systems generate more electricity than they use. This enables them to earn credits that can be applied during the hot summer months.

Faster Installation

The number of installations ramps up in the summer which can result in longer wait times. As well, summer storms and excessively hot temperatures can cause delays. By scheduling installation in the spring, you can ensure avoid the busy season and weather delays and start taking advantage of solar sooner.

2020 Tax Incentives

The window to take advantage of the federal solar tax credit is starting to close. In 2020, the credit is 26%, but this percentage will drop to 22% in 2021. After that, the tax incentive will end. In other words, there’s no time like the present to gain the maximum return on investment by making the switch to solar.

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