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Top Tips for a Safe and Warm Solar System Holiday Season

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The holidays are finally upon us here in Arizona! We hope you’re enjoying decorating your home for the holidays and preparing special holiday-themed meals for your loved ones. Your expert solar installers at Cool Blew Solar are sharing some friendly tips to help you safely enjoy the warmth and cheer of the holidays in your cozy, solar-powered home.

Solar System Performance

You’ll want to ensure your solar panel system is running optimally so you won’t be concerned about home heating issues as you entertain guests or watch holiday and sporting events on tv. Check your solar power monitoring system to determine if your solar panels are functioning at high performance levels. You can also monitor your solar account’s performance with your local utility provider, APS or SRP. Cool Blew Solar’s installers can provide additional details regarding your systems performance levels and suggest modifications and improvements if system performance is decreasing.  Having a well-functioning solar system means one less thing on your list so you can focus on what matters most during the holiday season.

Holiday Decorations

When you’re decorating for the holidays, take extra care not to overload electrical outlets or run wires in unsafe ways both indoors and outdoors. Distribute lights evenly on strands, use battery-powered or solar candles whenever possible, avoid leaving lights on for more than 6 hours at a time, and make sure any outdoor wires are rated for the Arizona elements to prevent electrical issues or fires.

Use the Power of the Sun

While it may be chilly outside, turning up your thermostat settings to blast the heat can result in a large bump in energy costs. Use our wintertime sunshine to warm your home’s interior naturally in the morning and early afternoon. Open curtains, blinds, and shades to let the sunshine in. On cloudy, stormy winter days, you can close window coverings to help keep the heat inside.

Happy Holidays from Cool Blew Solar

At Cool Blew Solar, your family’s safety and comfort will always be our priorities alongside installing efficient, affordable, and sustainable solar panels. We wish you a very bright and merry holiday season powered by the warm glow of clean, green solar energy. Please contact our professionals for questions, a free solar system installation estimate, or for a holiday maintenance checkup. Call us today at 623-234-2836. Happy Holidays from our Cool Blew Solar family to yours!