What Do Utility Companies Really Think of Home Solar?

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Electric utility providers, throughout the country, have not been enthusiastic about consumers making the switch to home solar systems. Why? There are actually several reasons why:

1. Reduced Income

With every homeowner that installs a home solar system, their utility company has decreased revenue. Power company executives are concerned that the solar trend could eventually put a significant dent in their profits. With rising infrastructure and operating costs, utility companies’ financial concern is legitimate.

2. Inconvenience

Utilities also gain efficiency by processing bills the same for every customer. With solar customers, there are additional steps and associated costs. For example, setting up net metering accounts and handling inquiries related to home solar systems.

3. Control

At the end of the day, utilities want to maintain their control of energy production and distribution. And it’s this issue that has propelled many utility companies to fight over who profits from solar.

Solar panel installers, homeowners with systems, environmentalists and even some legislators have united in some cases to battle anti-solar policies that place profits over energy efficiency and environmental protection.

As the price of solar power continues to drop, utilities will have no other choice than to adapt or be defeated. The value of solar has been established, and growing numbers of homeowners and businesses are choosing to install systems to generate their own power while helping to make a positive impact on the environment.

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