What Happens When Solar Panels Are Installed?

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You’ve been researching the pros and cons of a home solar panel system in the Valley of the Sun, and you’re ready to move forward. Just like any home improvement project, the process will vary depending on the unique features and attributes of your house. Here are some tidbits of information to help you prepare for the solar installation process.


The first step in the process is to get an inspection of your home and property to get an accurate quote and timeline for installation. At locally owned Cool Blew Solar, we offer free home assessments. One of our specialists will visit your house to get a better understanding of your specific needs. Your solar energy system will be designed based on your home’s specifications. You’ll also be provided with guidance on any challenges that can hinder installation such as trees blocking sunlight, chimneys, and roofing repairs that may need to be made.


Your solar panel design will need to be submitted online to your city government office for permitting. The approval process will vary depending on where you live. In Maricopa County, the permit fee currently for a roof mounted solar system is $300. Although, this amount is subject to change.


After city approval has been completed, the installation process can start. This will include ordering your solar panels, ensuring your roof is structurally sound, and removing any obstacles that prevent adequate sun exposure on panels. On the day of installation, a professional crew will install wiring and mounting equipment, panel placement, and solar panel connection.


Your local installer will partner with your utility provider to help everything go smoothly during the permitting, installation, and inspection process. There are a number of power grid interconnection requirements to follow to help keep everyone safe and protected.


After your system passes final inspection, it’s time to flip the switch and start benefiting from the power of the sun. Solar installation in peoria is a process, but it’s well worth the time when you consider the long-term financial and environmental benefits that you’ll gain.

Professional Solar Experts

You’ll want to start with a seasoned professional solar panel company in peoria for a successful installation. Cool Blew Solar enables you to maximize the benefits of a solar panel system. We know how to determine the best system for your needs and calculate your savings so that you can make the best decision. With the right company by your side, your solar savings will be looking bright. Call us today for a free quote at 623-234-2836.