What to Expect during a Solar Panel Installation

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You’ve conducted your research and weighed the pros and cons of a home solar system. Now, it’s time to prepare for your solar panel installation. Like any home improvement project, the process will vary depending on the unique features and attributes of your home. To get it right, you’ll want to start with a seasoned solar panel pro who can ensure a successful installation. Here’s more advice and tips to help you prepare for the installation process.

It Starts with an Assessment

Before you can get an accurate quote and a timeline for installation, you’ll need a site inspection. At Cool Blew Solar, we offer free assessments. One of our specialists will visit your home to get a better understanding of your specific needs. From there, a system will be designed based on your home’s specifications. You’ll also be provided with guidance on any challenges that can hinder installation – such as trees blocking the sun and roofing repairs that need to be made.


Your solar panel design will need to be submitted to your city government office for permitting. The approval process will vary depending on where you live.


After city approval has been finalized, the installation process can begin. This includes ordering your panels, ensuring your roof is structurally sound and removing any obstacles that prevent adequate sun exposure on panels. On the day of installation, a crew will install wiring and mounting equipment. Solar panels will be placed and connected. This typically can be completed in one day.


You will likely require an inspection of the system by your utility company prior to it being turned on. An inspector will visit your home to ensure everything is installed properly. A net meter may also be installed to track production and enable your home to send excess power back to the electrical grid.


After your system passes the inspection, it’s time to flip the switch and start benefiting from the power of the sun.

Solar panel installation is a process, but it’s well worth the time invested in it when you consider the financial and environmental benefits that you’ll gain. Call Cool Blew Solar today to start the process with a free assessment.