What to Know Before Going Solar- Part 1

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It’s summer in Peoria, Arizona, and you’re seriously thinking about making the switch to a home solar energy system. In this two-part series, we’ll cover important information to help you better understand the process of going solar.

Know Your Energy

You’ll want to understand how much electricity your home uses on an annual basis. A growing family will face growing energy needs, but if you are childless or have college-age kids ready to leave the nest, you can expect your energy costs to go down when you add solar energy to your home.

Know Your Direction

Ideally, solar systems should be installed on the southwest-facing area of your roof. Positioning the panels to face west or south will work, and even southeast, east, and north-northwest give acceptable results, too.

Know Your Rates

APS and SRP offer flexible residential solar price plans so that you can select the plan that’s right for your family. Let’s take a look at some basic details.


Once your solar system is installed, solar will only affect the kWh portion of your monthly bill. You’ll see kWh credits on your bill. Credit is the excess energy in kWh produced by your solar system and sent back to the energy grid. APS offers two solar rates for energy credits, RCP, and EPR-2.
The RCP rate provides solar customers credits for any excess energy sent back to the power grid. For the EPR-2 rate, known as net billing, you’ll earn billing credits for excess kWh and this credit will be deducted from your monthly bill.


SRP offers demand and solar energy export-based plans for homeowners. SRP has a customer generation demand plan that’s perfect for homes with consistent energy usage. They also offer an average demand plan for homeowners with fluctuating demand requirements who want a more hands-off, stress-free approach.
For SRP customers who generate most of their own energy, there’s a time-of-use export plan. You’ll save money by using energy generated from your solar system and excess energy produced will be exported back to SRP and credited to your account.

Cool Blew Solar

Cool Blew Solar professional installers are available to help answer all your solar related questions 24/7/365 at 623-234-2836. Harnessing nature’s power is the energy that lasts.