What You Need to Know About Solar Quotes

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Arizona is home to one of highest concentrations of solar panel installations in the United States. Our almost unlimited number of sunny days enables homeowners to gain the maximum value from this technology. In other words, solar panels on the roofs of Arizona homes produce more power. When combined with decreases in panel costs, rebates, and federal tax credits, going solar is less costly than ever before. But, how do you find the best price for a home solar installation? This is a common question.

Solar Energy is at Historically Low Costs

One of the primary ways solar can help you lower your energy costs is by reducing the amount of electricity you need to purchase from your electricity provider. The cost of solar has dramatically decreased through increases in solar manufacturing capabilities and improved efficiency of solar installations. Solar technology continues to improve, and innovation will continue reducing solar costs.

How Much Does a Solar Panel System Cost?

The price of an installed home solar system in Arizona is approximately $2.50 per watt before incentives. The more electricity you want to generate, the more installed panels will be needed for your home and the higher labor costs will be for installation. Bigger solar installations may cost more, but they will save you money in the long run.

Are There Additional Costs for Solar Panel Installation?

There are additional costs that go into a solar installation project for your home besides the price of panels. About 25% of the installation costs are for solar panels. A quote will have operational costs, labor costs, such as solar installation engineers, other equipment like invertors, permits, site visits, and local government inspections along with a fee to connect your solar panel system to the electrical grid.

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