What’s a Solar Array?

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The Valley of the Sun averages 300 sunny days a year, making it perfectly suited for solar power. You’ve probably seen neighborhoods in your area springing up with rooftop solar panels, but you may not be exactly certain what a solar array is or how solar panels work.

Let’s start with this fact. With Arizona’s scorching heat only a few months away, you’ll be paying much more in monthly electricity bills when your air conditioning system runs what seems like almost continuously. Installing solar panels helps to substantially lower those energy bills by using the sun’s rays to your advantage. Let’s explore a bit more about the basics of solar arrays and solar panels to help you move forward with a home solar system generating renewable energy to dramatically lower your monthly utility bills.

Solar Array

Rooftop solar panels are referred to as a group of photovoltaic panels arranged and linked together to operate as one unit, defined as a solar array. When solar arrays are combined with solar inverters, you’ll have a completely functional, solar power system. Adding a backup battery means you’ll be able to use stored solar energy at night, during inclement weather, or brownouts. How amazing to have your own solar energy power plant generating clean electricity that can power your home!

Solar Panels

Solar panels work by converting sunlight to usable energy, known as the photovoltaic effect. The incoming light is used to generate an electrical current which is a physical process powering almost all solar technology. Two layers of specially treated silicon are used to manufacture photovoltaic cells to create the electric field generated between the layers. Metal plates on each side of the solar cells collect the electrical energy and then transfer this energy to connecting wires. The electricity flows to a solar inverter into your home to power all your devices and appliances.

Your local professional solar energy experts at Cool Blew Solar can help determine how many solar panels will be needed to power your home, they can install them mounted on a south-facing rooftop and angled to take advantage of the full power of the sun, beginning the process of saving money on electricity bills and investing in renewable energy.

Go Solar Now

Ready to learn more about the benefits of capturing renewable energy from sunlight? Call your local residential solar experts at Cool Blew Solar today at 623-234-2836. Going solar is a clean energy solution that you and your family can delight in for many decades to follow.