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Why Bargain Solar Panels Fail to Shine

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With sunny Arizona providing ideal conditions for solar energy along with attractive federal government tax incentives, it’s tempting to slash solar system equipment costs by snagging rock-bottom priced photovoltaic panels. However, extreme solar discounts often prove too good to be true. Quality and performance almost always suffer despite appealing price tags. Here are some of the shortfalls of bargain-basement priced solar panels and why paying a little more for reputable equipment really pays off in the long run.

Inferior Efficiency and Output

Cut-rate panels frequently get manufactured utilizing flawed or rejected grade silicon cells incapable of reaching industry benchmark efficiency ratings near 20%. Real-world electricity generation often proves disappointing compared to advertised capacity claims. Also, the cells degrade quicker from early failures, especially in our extreme summer climate. This leaves homeowners with lackluster solar production for the size of their solar panel system.

Questionable Durability

Shoddy component sourcing, poor protective casing seals, and inadequate internal connections result in budget panels succumbing prematurely to Arizona’s demanding desert and summer heat conditions. Exposure issues then cascade as backsheets peel, junction boxes melt, and cracked cells emerge well ahead of expected 25-to-40-year lifespans.

Problematic Warranties

While most bargain solar panels tout generous panel efficiency level, power output, and defects warranties equaling premium brands, trying to get satisfactory customer support from no-name, fly-by-night companies can prove difficult if not impossible. Vague fine print exclusions abound in their warranties and some of these solar panel sellers may suddenly disappear altogether after your panels are installed and you’ve paid for them. This leaves homeowners stranded with potential panel failures and replacement costs.

Increased Fire Risks

Don’t gamble with potential home fires by purchasing and installing inferior, inexpensive solar panels. Panel scorching from hot spots remains a disturbingly common problem among cheap solar panels manufactured overseas.

In this solar powered era of improved panel technology and lower prices, installing high quality solar panels makes green energy affordable for decades without undue risks. Rather than chasing rock-bottom pricing alone, you should emphasize total value, reliable output, a reliable local solar company, and strong warranties when selecting equipment. Your home and wallet will thank you in the long run!

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