Why Is Your Electric Bill So High?

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As a homeowner, you probably dread opening that monthly electricity bill. Doesn’t it always seem higher than you expected it to be? Yes, it’s one of the frustrating aspects of homeownership and one that begs two important questions – Why am I paying so much for electricity? And what can I do to cut my electricity costs?

Yes, energy costs continue to rise in good economic times and bad. But it’s not all bad news. There are some strategies you can take to reduce the impact on your monthly budget.

Your Plan

You may have either opted or been forced to adopt a time-of-use (TOU) plan with your utility company. While these plans provide lower rates during certain times of the day, you could find yourself paying considerably more during “peak hours.” If you’re not one for keeping track of when you’re running your home’s appliances, a TOU plan can be quite a costly option.

Plugged in Appliances and Devices

You’re paying more for all those appliances that you keep continuously plugged into outlets, even if you’re not using them frequently. Most modern electronics draw electricity from the grid even when they’re not in use. In fact, appliances left plugged in on standby account for three to 10 percent of your home’s total energy use. While it probably doesn’t make sense to only plug in your washer or microwave when you need them, you probably have appliances like toasters, printers, coffee makers and others that can easily be unplugged to reduce your electricity usage.

Old Appliances

Older electronic appliances lose their efficiency over time. They also weren’t manufactured with the efficiency standards that we have today. It may be time to retire these “energy hogs” and replace them with ENERGY STAR appliances that can help you save on your utility bill.

Is It Time to Consider Solar?

The most effective way to combat rising electricity bills is to make the switch to residential solar panels. It’s that simple. With a home solar system, you will drastically reduce your reliance on your utility company and move to a consistent and affordable monthly payment that won’t continue to increase.

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