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Why Winter Is the Best Season for Installing Home Solar in Phoenix

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The Valley of the Sun is a solar lover’s paradise. We have around 316 sunny days a year. Meaning that there are only 49 days of completely cloudy weather skies. Harnessing this abundant desert light through rooftop photovoltaic (PV) panels allows homeowners to slash electric bills while avoiding power grid usage during peak rate periods in summer months. You might think our hot, sunny summers would be primetime for solar installations. However, embarking on new PV panel system projects during Phoenix’s mild, temperate winters offers some compelling advantages you won’t find the rest of the year.

Greater Efficiency and Power Production

Photovoltaic solar panels operate most efficiently in cooler ambient temperatures under bright light. Conditions during Phoenix winters keep panel operating temps ideal for solar cells peak power output. This means each daylight hour nets substantially more clean, green energy generated for use or sale back to your local utility provider. Over years of operation, higher winter efficiency totals compound for impressive extra energy savings. Plus, household appliances or electric vehicle (EV) chargers can tap into surplus solar capacity.

Improved Roof Access

With some trees mostly bare and the angle of sunlight low in winter, it can be easier for solar installers to access your rooftop and can make for quicker installation because the scorching heat won’t be a factor.

Space Flexibility

Access and maneuvering around walled back yards can prove challenging for installation crews during spring, summer, and fall. But with vegetation growth limited in winter, positioning solar arrays to avoid future shade issues, or safely set ground solar panel mounts becomes simpler without harming landscaping. Payloads for a crane lifting solar panels and panel racking onto front or back yards along with roof access can be easier to navigate in the cooler air during winter months.

Incentive Availability

Rising energy prices coupled with state and federal incentives make winter an opportune time for fabulous savings on new solar equipment and professional installation services. You can get your project scheduled and underway without delay by scheduling an appointment today. Call Cool Blew Solar’s professional installers at 623-234-2836 for your free quote.

Chillier temperatures and abundant financial incentives collectively make winter the optimal season for finally going solar without overheating your budget! Call Cool Blew Solar today to learn more.