Windows Doubling as Solar Panels?

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Your home windows provide great views and aesthetic appeal. But what if they could also generate electricity and lower your energy bills? The answer lies in transforming the way solar power is collected and used.

You’re probably familiar with using solar power as a source of clean, renewable energy commonly seen on houses with roof-mounted and ground-mounted solar photovoltaic (PV) systems. These solar arrays use the suns energy to offset electricity purchased from utility companies.

However, recent innovations have led to the development of technology to transform home and building windows into panels generating clean renewable solar energy. While not widely available yet, there is serious potential in this up-and-coming technology.

History of Solar Windows

A European startup called Physee invented solar-powered windows using a creative solution developed by a team of designers, chemists, researchers, and engineers. The design of the technology uses tiny solar panels on the edges of the window to produce small amounts of energy while remaining transparent on the glass. These panels, called “solar concentrators,” funnel light to capture ideal sunlight on the solar spectrum coming through the glass. The potential is there for this to be a convenient way to create solar energy on most windows.

Why It Makes Sense

By making windows both functional and visually pleasing, these transparent solar power-generating windows can supplement conventional PV systems. Solar windows have the solar cells installed at a specific angle allowing incoming light to be efficiently transformed into energy without altering the appearance of a home or building. They very likely will be a revolutionary breakthrough for homeowners who want to maximize efficiency and offset fossil fuel-based energy usage.

How Much Energy is Generated?

The thin strips of solar material generate about 8-10 watts depending on the size of the window. These solar windows converting sunlight would be able to fully charge one cell phone per watt twice daily. Amazing technology! Excess energy produced by solar windows is stored in a battery ready to be used later.

While this technology is still evolving, it’s likely to be available to home and business owners in the coming years. At Cool Blew, we are staying on top of advances in solar technology, as well as being your go-to source for solar power systems. Call us today at 1-623-234-2836 for a free estimate.