Wishing You a Warm and Bright Holiday

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Christmas and New Year’s Day provide plenty of opportunities to celebrate with your family. Before you unwrap presents and toast the New Year, here are two energy-saving ideas to take advantage of all the clean energy your solar panel system is generating during the holidays.

Forgo Using the Fireplace

Even though the tradition of lighting a fire for the holidays may provide coziness and warmth, you may want to reconsider. Wood burning fireplaces can generate up to twenty times more air pollution and may exacerbate health issues for family members with underlying lung conditions. Fireplaces are also an energy inefficient way to heat your house as drafts can pull warm air up the chimney leaving your house feeling colder. Better to decorate your fireplace hearth and enjoy your HVAC system powered by your solar panels.

Weatherproof Your Home

Did you know that leaky windows, attics, and glass doors can account for 10% to 25% of your heating bills through energy loss? With the weather becoming more winter-like in the Valley of the Sun, weatherization is one of the best ways to reduce your energy consumption over the holidays. There are several DIY ways to weatherize. These include caulking around the edges of windows and doors, buying a door draft stopper to prevent drafts from seeping inside, and adding weather stripping to all exterior doors, attic doors, and windows that can’t be sealed properly by caulking. Simple and affordable ways to keep all the clean energy generated by your rooftop solar panels inside your home and not leaking outside.

Our New Year’s Resolution

As this year comes to an end, Cool Blew Solar thanks you for adopting solar energy as a sustainable, less expensive, environmentally friendly, and more reliable source of energy. For those of you thinking about installing a new solar panel system for your home or thinking of ways to get the most out of the solar panel system you already have, Cool Blew Solar is your local source of expertise.

Contact Cool Blew Solar today for additional details. From our family to yours, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year.