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Would a Critter Guard be Helpful for Your Solar Panels?

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Living in the Valley of the Sun, homeowners are used to all sorts of animals walking around neighborhoods, in backyards, front yards, and on the roof. Hopefully, not inside your home! One potential threat to your solar panels can be the various critters that live in the area surrounding your house. Critters such as birds, chipmunks, roof rats, and squirrels can damage panels and associated hardware resulting in unwanted repairs and solar system downtime. Another threat is storm debris which can lead to panel damage. One of the best solutions for these problems is to install critter guards. Let’s take a look at why you may need solar panel critter guards.

Critter Guards

When solar panels are installed on your roof, they’re exposed to the elements including hail, lightning strikes, fallen tree branches and wind-blown debris, and nearby wildlife. Pesky squirrels can chew on hanging and exposed wires, sometimes even nesting under rooftop solar panels. If you have fruit trees, roof rats can chew quickly through wires and even invade your attic if an opening is discovered. Our area has a plethora of pigeons and doves which can nest on and under solar panels resulting in excessive buildup of dirt, debris, and bird droppings that can lower panel efficiency levels extensively.

Another source of potential panel damage is debris from storms. Tree branches, twigs, and leaves can build up under panels, possibly causing a fire hazard near the electrical wires providing power from your solar panels to your house.
The best way to protect against damage from critters and environmental debris is to have your local solar experts install critter guards.

What are critter guards? They are simply strips of metal screening similar to high-quality chicken wire that can be attached along the sides of rooftop or ground level solar panels.

Home solar panels are installed with a gap between the panels and the rooftop for ventilation. This is where critter guards come into play when installed. They can block birds, squirrels, roof rats, and other critters from getting underneath and between your panels. Critter guards also block twigs and other debris preventing possible fire hazards.

Cool Blew Solar Knows Critter Guards

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