By converting the sun’s rays into electricity, solar technology provides a renewable source of energy for homes and businesses. Although these solar units are usually at roof level and manufactured to withstand the impact from small airborne debris, they can still get damaged. Broken glass from rocks, bullets, large hail or displacement due to loose bolts on the mount are the most common problems. Specializing in solar panel repair in Peoria, Cool Blew Electric & Solar is here to help. If equipment has suffered extensive damage it is generally more cost-effective and efficient to replace than repair, especially if it is near the end of its lifetime. In this scenario, or If you need roofing work done, you will need to hire a professional solar panel removal service such as Cool Blew Electric & Solar panel repair experts. We’re the leading solar repair company in Peoria and throughout the greater Phoenix metro area.

Cool Blew Electric & Solar’s professionals are the best choice for equipment maintenance and solar repairs in Peoria. We know the best course of action and save you money on trial and error. We can find hidden issues and optimize your solar energy output. Plus, we have the knowledge and gear necessary to complete the work safely..

Most Common Solar Repair Needs

While solar equipment is highly reliable, occasionally repairs are needed. The following are the most common solar repairs in Peoria that we see:

  • Broken glass panels
  • Cracked panels
  • Loose connections
  • Inefficient solar panels ( manufacturer defect)
  • Voided warranty through manufacturer
  • Improper installation from other providers of solar repairs in Peoria

Solar Repair Cost Factors

Your solar repair rate will vary because each system setup is unique. And not every solar repair company in Peoria charges the same price for repairs and equipment. The following factors play into cost:

  • Location – Most solar installations in Peoria are on the roof while others are on the ground or the side of the home. The ease of access to your solar system will affect the labor rate in many ways.
  • Roof grade – The steepness of your roof will affect how much time and what safety precautions will be necessary to perform the work.
  • Type – Higher-grade solar systems may cost more to repair, whether due to the higher price of materials or the extra care needed to navigate various components.
  • Size – Larger solar systems will need more time for inspection to ensure peak performance.

As your solar repair company in Peoria, Cool Blew Electric & Solar can assist you in any repairs you may need at an affordable cost. Contact Cool Blew Electric & Solar today for a free estimate.