There are two kinds of solar system warranties that are normally offered. The first one is the panel and inverter manufacturer warranty, which are usually 20-25 years on panels and 5-10 years on the inverters but with other Solar products you can get a combined 25 year parts and labor warranty on the entire system.. The installers should also offer a warranty on the quality of their work, which means guaranteeing they made no holes in your roof likely to lead to leaks for a specified period, from two to 10 years, normally. Remember that neither of these warranties covers theft, fire, or other damage, so follow up on #6 above and get the system added on to your homeowner policy.

Solar panels are a big purchase with a long term payback. The advantages of installing solar panels is there is both net metering and federal tax credit. In addition, Arizona produces the most electricity from solar in the whole country so less panels are needed to wipe out your bill. In most instances, the solar panels you choose or the payment method you choose (cash, home equity loan, lease or PPA) the financial advantages of installing solar generally outweigh the risks or disadvantages.